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Religious Icons

Icons are not the same as religious pictures as we know them in the Western Church. Religious pictures appeal to our imagination and our feelings, and often tell a story. Icons are more for the liturgy and for contemplation. They appeal to our faith and our prayer. They are windows into heaven, showing their subjects as they are in glory, radiant and peaceful. Reverence shown to an icon is transferred directly to the one it represents.

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  •  Saint Joseph
    $17.00 Choose Options Saint Joseph
    This icon presents St. Joseph dressed in the colors he wears in Rublev’s classic icon of the Presentation, adorned with a sash of authority, and the Child Emmanuel is carried on his arm. Jesus wears his gold streaked...
  • Annuciation
    $17.00 Choose Options Annuciation
    The Annunciation icon captures the moment of the angel Gabriel approaching the Virgin Mary with his message from the Lord. The angel’s announcing hand and the Virgin’s assenting hand appear together in the empty...
  • Archangel Michael
    $17.00 Choose Options Archangel Michael
    Unlike the familiar image of St. Michael battling with the Evil One in the form of a dragon, this icon of St. Michael is a special type of icon known as a “deesis” or interceding icon. This type of icon shows the...
  • Come Lord Jesus
    $17.00 Choose Options Come Lord Jesus
    This icon shows Mary bearing her divine Son to the world, both as the Child of his First coming and as the Lord of Glory in his second coming. Mary herself is standing on the moon and is clothed with the sun, referring to...
  • Come to Me
    $17.00 Choose Options Come to Me
    This icon is a very simple form of the “Pantocrator” or “Ruler of All” type of icon. Our Lord is dressed in shining robes with a great sash of authority over his shoulder. His expression, though, is...
  • Guardian Angel Icon
    $17.00 Choose Options Guardian Angel Icon
    The winged angel Guardian is portrayed clothed in harmonious warm and bright colors with one hand upraised in a gesture that means “fear not”  and is also a gesture of prayer.  The open scroll proclaims...
  • Lord of Unity
    $17.00 Choose Options Lord of Unity
    This icon portrays Jesus in the half figure style known as the  Pantocrator or Lord of All. The Lord is wearing a red tunic, symbol of his divinity, while his mantle reflects His assuming of human nature. One hand is...
  • Our Lady of Kazan
    $17.00 Choose Options Our Lady of Kazan
    This icon of Our Lady of Kazan is one of great beauty, reducing the figures of Mary and Jesus to the simplest possible forms, basically just two faces and the Lord's hand raised in blessing. Mary has accepted Jesus fully...
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Blue
    $17.00 Choose Options Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Blue
    This icon style painting, not actually a true icon in the strict sense, depicts Our Lady as the patroness of the Order of Carmel. She is shown wearing the brown robe and white mantle of Carmel. The stars on her mantle...
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Gold
    $17.00 Choose Options Our Lady of Mount Carmel-Gold
    This is a true icon of Mary as Mother of Carmel. It is written in the traditional form of Hodigitria icons: "She who knows the way". Our Lady is clothed in the brown and white habit of Carmel. She holds the Divine Child and...
  • This icon is written in the Hodegetria ("She who knows the Way") tradition. Mary simply holds the Child Jesus and points to Him as the Way. She is dressed in the humble blue of our humanity, covered in a red mantle of grace. Jesus is robed in brilliant gold, indicating His divinity. He holds the closed scroll of divine judgments and raises His hand in blessing. Our way to peace, in our homes, our hearts and our world, lies in Him.
    $17.00 Choose Options Our Lady of Peace
    This icon is written in the Hodegetria ("She who knows the Way") tradition. Mary simply holds the Child Jesus and points to Him as the Way. She is dressed in the humble blue of our humanity, covered in a red mantle of grace...
  • Our Lady of Vladimir
    $17.00 Choose Options Our Lady of Vladimir
    This icon is modeled on the famous "Vladimir Mother of God". Mary is presented in a dark garment bordered in gold, while Jesus is fully clad in gold, the contrast showing Mary's humility before her divine Son. Consoled by...
  • Prophet Elijah - Face
    $17.00 Choose Options Prophet Elijah - Face
    This icon of the prophet Elijah draws upon the tradition of the Carmelite Order rather than the general iconographic tradition. The prophet is portrayed in the brown and white colors of the habit of Carmel. His tunic is the...
  • Prophet Elijah in Cave
    $17.00 Choose Options Prophet Elijah in Cave
    This traditional icon of Elijah combines several events from his momentous life: he sits in front of the cave of his encounter with God. He wears the Jewish prayer shawl around his neck, sign of a man of prayer. The hairy...
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus
    $17.00 Choose Options Sacred Heart of Jesus
    This image combines the traditions of East and West in the Church by depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus as an icon. Jesus is shown in this traditional icon as "The Ruler of All", with the red tunic of His divinity and the...

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